Software KLCcom


The diagnostic tool KLC-Com can only be use for the fol-lowing devices :
• KLC 2002
• KLC 20
• KLC 21
• KLC 22
• KHM 20
• KHM 100

KLC-Com is reading from the devices above data like serial number, the generated measurement data and the status of the flame detector and shows all this information on the screen. Additional to this it indicates the presence of disturbing frequency cut off and the status of the flame relay output.
Because of this it is possible to analyze the flame signals. The intensity and the frequency of the flame signal are shown on the screen and can be stored via data logger function to the hard disk and can be processed further with programs like MS-Excel.

- Flame intensity
- Frequency
- Frequency distribution
- Switching state of the output
- Firmware version
- Switch-ON frequency
- Switch-OFF frequency
- Status of Disturbance Frequency Cut-Off