Compact Flame Controller KLC 11


The KLC 11 is a compact UV flame controller, which has been developed for single flame combustion which produces little light or radiation in the visible spectrum and has very low flame modulation/flicker frequency. The design of the UV sensor ensures that the flame controller does not react to background radiation from hot refractory or from any other infra-red light source.
The UV flame controller is equipped with an optical interface which visibly indicates the flame signal intensity. The KLC 11 can be connected directly to the ionisation or LDR input of the control box. It is compatible in its physical dimensions and connection capability to other series KLC flame controllers. All KLC accessories are identical and therefore this reduces the variety of components used in production and makes it simpler for field application and service.
The UV flame controller KLC 11 has been developed to meet the requirements of UL 372-2, CSA C22.2 and EN 298:2012-11. The internal increase of the UV tube voltage immediately after apply supply voltage ensures the safety re-quirements for the examination of the UV tube to through-ignition. A simple change from ionisation flame control to the KLC 11 is permissible therefore also with control boxes without own UV tube input.

  • Compact design
  • Transistor output
  • Easy exchange possible on site
  • Insensitive against daylight
  • Can be used directly instead of ionisation probe or LDR